The Lord's Day - December 3, 2017

WELCOME to all who have joined us in worship today. If you are visiting, we invite you to sign the guest book in the church 
entry or fill out your information on the pads in the church pew. You can place those in the offering bag. 

Morning Worship
Scripture: Luke 1:39-56 
Sermon Series: The Songs of Advent
Sermon: "Mary’s Song, God is My Redeemer"  

Evening Worship
Scripture: 1 John 5:13-21 (pg.1903)
Sermon: “Confidence with God”

 1) as we approach God in prayer
                   2) as we pray for straying brothers and sisters
3) as we contend with Satan

Offering:  TodayChandler Christian School 
Dec. 10 - Volunteers In Mercy

    Nursery:  Today - AM –  Pam T., Miranda H. and Nathan H.
                                  PM – 
Marcia T.
                    Dec. 10- AM -  
Melanie V.S., Cadance M. and Cody P.
                                    PM -  
Abby V.D.
                    Dec. 17 - AM  - Sandy V.W., Cameron P. and Danica P.
                                    PM  -
Christmas Program. 

   USHERS:  November:  Jeremy Van Dam and Nick Sankey  

   Greeters:  TodayClyde & Gwen Kreun and Arvin & Delaine Vander Woude
                      Next Week –  Wendale & Lavonne Vander Broek and Marv & Donna Van Dam

   Coffee Servers:  Today Leona Talsma and Jennet Mollema             Next Week:   Mike & Bobbi Schoolmeester

   Children's Church Leaders:  TodayChelsea S. and Jeremy V.D.
                                                   Next Week – April P. and Abby V.D.

    Today   –  Christmas Program Practice/Adult Bible Studies. 10:00 AM Worship Service.
                 - Fellowship Coffee!
Please join us! 
                 - 6:30 PM
Evening Worship Service.
Wed.    - 9:30 AM Coffee Break Bible Study at 1st CRC in Edgerton. Lesson 7
Next Sun. – 9:00 AM Christmas Program Practice/Adult Bible Studies. 
                    - 10:00 AM Morning Worship Service. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
                    -  6:30 PM 
Evening Worship Service.

  We remember all of our members who reside at area care facilities. Chris SankeyDick Talsma and Marie Vander Top who reside at 

 Edgebrook’s Assisted Living, Gert Krosschell who resides at Edgebrook Apartments and Geneva Peters who resides at the Pipestone 

 Good Samaritan Care Facility.


     Today, we witness the baptism of Charles Eric Kruse, infant son of Dale and Ivy Kruse. We rejoice that God’s covenant promise is given to

 our children even as we promise to receive them in love and instruct them in the ways of Christ.
    This evening, we welcome Rev. Roger Sparks of the Luverne CRC to lead our worship service.
    Next Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
    At the congregational meeting this past week, two elders were chosen; Glen Talsma and Don Vogel and two deacons were chosen; 

 Chad Miersma and Roger Talsma. The proposed budget for 2018 was also approved by the congregation.
    Giving Tree Project - As a part of World Renew's Gap Gifts giving tree project, ornaments have been placed on the Christmas tree in

 the fellowship hall.  You can take an ornament from the Christmas tree to buy one or more items in honor of a friend or family member.  Please 

 place your orders directly from World Renew either by donating online, filling out the order form in the back of the catalog and mailing it in 

 along with your check to World Renew, or by calling them.  If you would like to receive a printed gift-acknowledgment card before Christmas

 to let loved ones know you made a gift to World Renew in their honor, place your order and request the cards by December 4.  Blank 

 cards to write your own gift-acknowledgment as well as extra catalogues are located on the table next to the Christmas tree.
    Our Christmas Program is scheduled for Sunday Dec. 17 at the Evening Service. Practice will be in place of Sunday school times the

 first 3 Sundays in December. Preschool -12th grade will need to be at all 3 practice times. More information to come. Please note: The adult 

 Octet Group singing at our Christmas program will be practicing immediately after the morning service on December 3, 10 & 17.
    Many new books have been added to the library!   These are books for both adults and children.  There is a section on the north wall 

 of the library for new children's books and a separate section for new books for adults.  Please remember to check out the cards with your

 name and date for each book you borrow.  You may leave them on the desk in the library.  Thank you from the Library Committee.
    As we come into the winter season if we are under a blizzard warning, all church activities will be cancelled. For weather related 

 church cancellations or postponements, listen to Luverne, K101 or Slayton, KJOE at 106.1
    If you are willing to make fudge for the Prison Christmas Sack Ministry, it should be brought to church by next Sunday, December 10.

 (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE!) Thank you in advance!
    Edgebrook Angel Tree  You are invited to stop by the Edgebrook Business Office during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.

 to 4:30 p.m.) through December and select a tag from our tree. On the back of each tag there will be a list of items that you can purchase for

 that resident. You choose to buy one item or all the items listed but we ask that you not exceed $20. Return the wrapped gifts(s) by

 December 17 and we will distribute them during Christmas week. 
    Do you know the meaning behind the colors of Christmas?  Southwest MN Christian high school ensembles are excited to share the 

 meaning behind the vibrant hues associated with the season and how they tie back to the birth of our Savior.  Come join the Southwest band 

 and choirs at Bethel Christian Reform Church in Edgerton as they present “The Colors of Christmas” on Monday, December 11th at 7:00 pm.
  Southwest MN Christian High School Circle/Parent Group #14 will be hosting a walking taco, hot dog, chili dog, barbecue supper on 

 Friday, December 15 serving from 5:00-8:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria during the boys' home games with Murray County Central. A 

 complete meal or individual items may be purchased. Please join us for a fun evening and night off from cooking. Thanks for your support!
    Scholarship Grants Available:  A portion of the Classis Minnesota ministry share for Christian Higher Education received during the 

 previous year is awarded in February to Christian college students in the form of scholarship grants.  Any students attending a 

 CRC-endorsed Christian college who completes an application form by the December 31 deadline is eligible.  Contact Pastor Josh 

 for an application or provide him with the student’s email address and a form will be emailed directly to the applicant.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the success of the Southwest MN Christian High School Carry the Light Celebration. Funds 

 raised to assist the general operating fund and the students of SWMCH totaled over $58,000. Praise be to God for his blessings of provision. 

 We covet your prayers as we continue to challenge students to grow in knowing, loving, and serving God and others.

   Dec. 10 - Communion
   Dec. 17 - Christmas Program 
   Dec. 25 - Christmas Day Worship Service.