The Lord's Day - June 11, 2017

WELCOME to all who have joined us in worship today. If you are visiting, we invite you to sign the guest book in the church 
entry or fill out your information on the pads in the church pew. You can place those in the offering bag. 

Morning Message: Chosen Harmony  
  Scripture: Malachi 4:1-6

Evening Worship held at the Reformed Church

Offering:  Today - World Missions
June 18 - Southwest MN Pro-Life

    Nursery:  Today - AM – Bobbi W., Amber P. and Cody P.
                                  PM – 
Service in the Reformed Church.
                    June 18 - AM -  
Michelle H., Cameron P. and Lauren S.
                                    PM - 
Verla K
                    June 25 - AM  - Sandy H., Meghan S. and Nick S.
                                    PM  - 
Service in the Reformed Church.

   Greeters:  TodayClyde & Gwen Kreun and Arvin & Delaine Vander Woude
                      Next Week – Wendale & Lavonne Vander Broek and Marv & Donna Van Dam

   Coffee Servers:  TodayMartin & Irene Hoekman                   Next Week:  Bill & Rose Van Nieuwenhuyzen

   Children's Church Leaders:  TodayShela V.D. and Meghan S.
                                                   Next Week – Chelsea S. and Nick S.

    Today   –  10:00 AM Worship Service.
                 - Fellowship Coffee!
Please join us!
                 - 6:30 PM
Combined Evening Service in the Reformed church.
Mon.    - CCS Annual Society Meeting. (See announcement.)
    Tues.   - Council Meeting. Elders will meet at 7:00 p.m. with full Council at 7:30 p.m.
    Fri.      - We will be attending Cornerstone Prison Worship Service.
Next Sun. – 10:00 AM Worship Service.
                     -  6:30 PM
Combined Evening Service in our Church.


    Pray for Pastor Josh and all the delegates to Synod that they seek the Lord’s leading in their deliberations and as they make decisions.
    We remember all of our members who reside at area care facilities. Chris SankeyDick Talsma and Marie Vander Top who 

  reside at Edgebrook’s Assisted Living and Gert Krosschell who resides at Edgebrook Apartments.


    This Sunday, June 11: We welcome Pastor Rick Van Ravensway, from Cornerstone Prison Church, to our pulpit this morning. The 

 Combined Evening Service will be in the Reformed Church at 6:30 p.m.
    Next Sunday, June 18: Pastor Harold Westra will be leading both services. Today we will take some time to reflect on the 25th anniversary 

 of the tornado on June 16, 1992 and God’s grace and faithfulness after the tornado. The Combined Evening Service will be in our church 

 at 6:30 p.m.
    Prison Ministry: We will be attending worship service on June 16.  Next date will be August 11.
    KIDS! How would you like to spend a week with other kids learning about God and how much He loves you? This year's Bible stories and 

 Bible verses remind us that God made each of us for a reason; God is for us; God is always with us; God will always love us! What

 amazing promises that we can build our lives on! Registration forms are on the kitchen counter at the CRC and in the lobby at the 

 Reformed Church.  Online registration is available at: Bible School will be held June 26-30 at the CRC with a 

 meal being served at 5:30.  Everyone is welcome! Please join us and bring a friend or neighbor.
    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Bible School June 26-30.  There is a sign-up sheet in the back of church for VBS.  We are looking 

 for supplies/ingredients to prepare a supper and snack for VBS.  Each church has its own list that both need to fill.  Please consider 

 volunteering also!!  We are in need of quite a few helpers (young adults and adults) for the week.  Thanks!!!
    Chandler Christian School will be hosting its annual Society meeting on Monday, June 12th at 8:00pm in the school gym.  We will be 

 reviewing the 2016-2017 financial reports, voting in new school board members, and discussing other relevant school issues.  It will be preceded

 by a Mother’s Club meeting at 6:30pm. School Board Nominees are:  Grant Prins, Leona Talsma, and Cindy Vogel.
       Male students who are pursuing studies toward ordained ministry in the Christian Reformed Church are invited to apply for financial

 aid through the Classical Ministry Leadership Committee. For information and application forms contact Rev. Harold Westra, 742 6th Ave 

 SW, Pipestone, MN 56164, 507 562-0132 or by July 15.
    THE INTERNATIONAL CAMPOREE HOST COMMITTEE  is looking for some volunteer workers for site preparations at the site 

 near Custer, SD. This is an open invitation to EVERYONE who would like to help, not limited to cadet counselors. This would include cutting 

 and moving trees and clearing other brush and stuff from the camp sites. The work weekends are June 2-4 and June 23-25 (NOTE 

 DATE CHANGE). We have signup website you can let us know if you’d like to help out. Marty VanderPlaats is the organizer of these trips.

 You can come for part of the time or the whole weekend. We usually tent on site, but you can run into Custer if you’d prefer a hotel. 

 Food is provided, all we ask is some gloves, chainsaw if you have one, muscle, sweat, and a workers spirit knowing that this site will be 

 where Cadet boys and counselors will experience God’s glory at our Camporee July 12-19. The sign up website is  You can contact Marty directly at Or you can contact Steve VH at 

 call/text (605) 690-6316 or Thanks to all who help in anyway. You can also pray for the upcoming event and 

 the boys, counselors, and staff who are getting ready to attend. Praise be to God. 

   June 18 - Our church will be leading the Chapel Service at Edgebrook Care Center.
   June 26-30 - Maker Fun Factory VBS.