The Lord's Day - Nov. 11, 2018

WELCOME to all who have joined us in worship today. If you are visiting, we invite you to sign the guest book in the church 
entry or fill out your information on the pads in the church pew. You can place those in the offering bag.

Morning Worship 
Old Testament Reading:  Genesis 17
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 5
Sermon: “A Gracious Response to Sin”

Evening Worship 
Scripture: Psalm 19
Sermon: “The Two Books”

Offering:  Today - World Renew - Peter Fish
Nov. 18 - Cornerstone Prison Ministry

    Nursery:  Today - AM –   Michelle H. and Abby V.D.
                       PM – No attendants provided but the nursery is open for you to use.
Nov. 18 - AM - Sandy H. and Kayla V.S.
        Nov. 25 - AM - Tami K. and Jeremy V.D.

   USHERS:   November: Kyle Talsma and Don Hoekman

   Greeters:  Today Kent and Chelsea Schaap   
                      Next Week – Glen and LeAnne Schoolmeester

   Coffee Servers:  Today  Grant and Carolyn Prins                   Next Week:   Dave and Grace Talsma

   Children's Church Leaders:  TodayCarolyn P. and Larissa H
                                                   Next Week –  Melanie V.S. and Amber P.

   Today    - 9:00 AM Church Education. 10:00 AM Morning Worship Service. Preparatory Service.
- Fellowship Coffee after our morning worship service! Please join us!
                 -- 6:00 PM
Evening Worship Service.
   Mon.     - 5-8:00 PM
CCS invites you to the Pipestone Pizza Ranch Tip Night. Please come out and support our school!
Tues.   -
Council will meet. Elders will meet at 7:00 p.m. with full Council at 7:30 p.m.
Wed.    - 9:30 AM
Coffee Break Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall of the First CRC of Edgerton.
            - 7:00 PM
GEMS will meet. Snack/Drink: Kayla.
            - 7:00 PM
Cadets will meet.
Next Sun. –  9:00 AM Church Education.   10:00 AM Morning Worship Service. The Lord’s Supper.
                  - 5:00 PM Harvest Supper and Evening Worship Service. (Note time and announcement.) 

    We remember all of our members who reside at area care facilities. Chris Sankey who resides at Edgebrook Care Center, 

 Dick Talsma who resides at Edgebrook’s Assisted Living and Gert Krosschell who resides at Edgebrook Apartments.   

   Today, on World Hunger Sunday, we bring offerings to God and ask Him to use them to supply the needs of those living in poverty to
 achieve Uzima--a sense of wholeness and life as God intended it to be.  To learn more about how your gift will be used to equip communities 
 around the world, visit
    Next week Sunday, we have the privilege of celebrating the Lord’s Supper and witness the profession of faith of 5 young people at our 
 morning worship service. The annual Community Harvest supper will be held at the Chandler Christian Reformed Church on Sunday evening.  
 The meal will be potluck style. Turkey, potatoes and gravy will be provided. It will start at 5:00, followed by a condensed service, with dessert
 and fellowship to follow.  Invite a friend or neighbor for a time of thanksgiving as a community!
    The following men have been nominated for the office of Elder: Bruce Kreun, Curt Miersma, Marv Van Dam and Harold Westra. For
 the office of Deacons: Dale Kruse, Harlow Schaap, Rich Vander Ziel and Ivan Vogel. Please pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit. Two elders
 and two deacons will be chosen from these nominations.
    To celebrate Thanksgiving, a cornucopia has been placed on both the north and south walls of the sanctuary. There are cutouts of fruits 
 and vegetables on the table in the fellowship hall. Please write on 1, 2, 3, or more of them with what you are thankful for.  We want to fill 
 the cornucopias so please write on more than one! There is a basket on the table for you to put your fruit in after you have filled it out. Each one
 of us has been more than blessed this past year so let's fill the cornucopias with the MANY blessings God has given us and GIVE 
 THANKS together at our Thanksgiving worship service!
    Our Thanksgiving Service will be Wednesday evening, November 21 at 7:00 p.m. Our annual congregational meeting will take place 
 following this service.
    Cooking group will be on December 1 at church.  If you are planning on coming, please let Shela or Melanie know by November 25.
    Many new books have been added to the library recently for both adults and children.  A special thank you to those who have donated.  
 We have also purchased some to complete several series, and many for younger children.  Please do not take more than 5 children's books
 per household.  Thank you!
    Please join us on Friday, Nov. 16 for the annual Carry the Light (donation sale) event at Southwest MN Christian High School. The evening
 will start with a burger feed at 5:00 p.m. served by the SW Faculty and Staff. A free will donation is accepted for the meal. The men's and 
 women's auctions will start at 6:30 p.m. If you would like to make a donation for the evening, please mail it or drop it off at the school office. 
 Please join us for an evening of fun and fellowship and also support our school.
    Scholarship Opportunity:  A portion of the Classis Minnesota ministry share for Christian Higher Educating received during the previous year
 is awarded in February to Christian college students in the form of scholarship grants. Any student attending a CRC-endorsed Christian college
 who completes an application form by the December 31 deadline is eligible. Contact Pastor Josh for an application form or provide him with 
 the student's email address and a form will be emailed directly to the applicant. 


    Nov. 21 - 7:00 PM Thanksgiving Day Service with congregational meeting to follow.