Our church offers different ways for our kids and youth to have a solid grasp on their Christian faith. 

A way in which we do this for the youth is through a Catechism class that meets on the first and third
Wednesday of the school months. We learn about the Scriptures, our Reformed Tradition, and the
implications of our faith in our daily living. 

Youth Group is a time for our students to fellowship with each other and be challenged in their faith to grow 
deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Our high school students meet in conjunction with the Chandler Reformed church students every 
2nd and 4th Wednesday night during the months of the school year.  

We participate with area youth events and host an annual Communist Run (an activity aimed at challenging 
students about their faith).  Each year the youth put on a fundraiser in which the students challenge the adults of 
the churches in a sporting event (basketball or volleyball).  

During the event items are auctioned off to help raise funds for youth group expenses and summer mission trips.